NIGC implements for annual fees

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 NIGC implements for annual fees


WASHINGTON, December 8, 2014 As part of the National Indian Gaming Commission’s (NIGC) ongoing effort to support and improve collaborative relationships with our tribal regulatory partners and to promote increased agency efficiency through enhancement of our technological capabilities, the NIGC has implemented an electronic payment system through The system will be used for the quarterly payment of annual fees and submission of associated worksheets.  The NIGC conducted testing of the system in December 2013 and is now ready to offer this service to all tribal gaming facilities.  Use of this system is optional and paper worksheets and fee payments by check will still be accepted. 


Tribes interested in using the new electronic payment system should visit and select the NIGC using the tab Find an Agency. Additionally, tribes can visit the Commission’s website at for details on how to sign into the system, what information is required to be submitted and how to handle changes or corrections to submissions.


One of the advantages of utilizing the electronic payment system is the utilization and submission of the electronic worksheet.  One of the most common errors in submitting fee payments is using an incorrect fee rate.  If you use the electronic payment system, the fee rate calculation is built into the worksheet, insuring the use of the correct fee rate for the period you are reporting. 


The National Indian Gaming Commission is committed to the prompt and efficient regulation of the Indian gaming industry spanning more than 450 gaming establishments, associated with nearly 242 tribes across 28 states. The Commission’s dedication to compliance with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act ensures the integrity of the $28 billion Indian gaming industry. Visit our website at



The National Indian Gaming Commission is an independent regulatory agency established within the Department of the Interior pursuant to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. 



      1.        Enter the payment system via their website at


2.       The National Indian Gaming Commission Fee Worksheet is a PUBLIC FORM.  Public forms are freely available to everyone. It is not necessary to self-enroll to make a payment using a public form. However, by self-enrolling with, the user can duplicate a previously submitted form by clicking the link titled “Duplicate” under their submitted forms list. If you would like to have a record of the payments you submit online, you should register and create an account.


3.      Go to, and then click on the “Make a Payment” box. Under the “Find a Form” section, type “NIGC” in the search form box and click on “search”. Click on “Continue to the Form” until the NIGC Sample Quarterly Fee Worksheet opens up.


4.       Enter the information as indicated. Certain fields are mandatory and the form will not process if you do not provide complete and correct information; some fields have a drop box option such as for Fiscal Year-End and Payment Due Dates; some fields have a built-in formula to perform the necessary calculation.  If a field requires a numerical response, you must place a zero (0) in the field in order to continue.  The form will not allow you to continue if a field is blank.


5.       The form calls for an NIGC-ID number.  This number can be found on your quarterly fee statements.  If you are not sure what your NIGC-ID is, please contact us.


6.       PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT FISCAL YEAR AND PAYMENT DUE DATE ON YOUR FORM.  You need to select the Fiscal Year-End first in order to be able to select the Payment Due Date from the drop down list.  The Tier Two Rate field is linked to the Payment Due Date field. If the Payment Due Date is not correctly selected, your fee calculations will be inaccurate as well.


7.       Once you complete the form, select the continue option; it will take you to the next page for the payment process. You need to provide your bank information as requested.


8.        If you have questions related to the form, please send your questions to  If you have payment related questions, please contact Customer Service by phone at (800) 624-1373 or by email at


       NIGC Contacts: Your Regional Office or  Wei Zhong – (202) 632-7003 

Download the PDF here.