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Training Event Calendar

Each year the National Indian Gaming Commission’s seven administrative regions conduct regional training courses for tribal leaders, regulators and gaming facility personnel. Regional Training Courses include presentations by and discussions with NIGC staff and other federal agencies. Each Regional Training Course is tailored specifically to the region. Interested participants should view the Regional Training Course Announcement and Agenda for the specific Regional Training Course they’d like to attend. There is no charge to attend NIGC training events.

For a listing of Regional Training Courses, course announcements and course agendas, view our Event Calendar.

NIGC Provides Training Solutions that Work

Annual Hours

Performance dashboard of our training program.

Catalog of Courses

More than 50 courses to choose from to meet your needs.

Regional Training Courses

Region-specific training which includes presentations and discussions with NIGC staff and other federal agencies

Regulating Gaming Technology

Interactive seminars focused on gaming and technology.

Tailored Programs and Site Specific Training

Choose from a variety of NIGC courses and work with our staff to tailor a training program for your facility.


Internal Control and IT Vulnerability Assessments for gaming facilities.