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Management Contracts

An Indian tribe may enter into a management contract for the operation and management of its gaming activity subject to the approval of the NIGC Chair.  Unapproved management contracts are void.  The Chair's determination will include:

  • Review of the management contract to ensure that the submission and terms comply with the intent of IGRA and 25 CFR parts 531, 533 and 535.
  • Background investigation under 25 CFR part 537 in order for the NIGC Chair to determine suitability of the manager for new management contract submissions, amendments and/or changes to previously approved manager personnel or entities. The level of investigation will vary depending on the complexity of the manager’s organization and whether the management contract is for Class II or Class III gaming. The manager is required to pay for the cost of the NIGC background investigation.

Below are links to management contracts approved by the NIGC Chair (confidential terms redacted), checklists for management contract approval, and helpful resources.

Approved Management Contracts
Declination Letters

Management Contracts Checklists

The management contract checklists are a guide to assist with management contract submissions and background investigation processes under 25 C.F.R. of the NIGC regulations. The checklists identify items required in management contracts and which should be provided as part of any background investigation.