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NIGC Division of Compliance

NIGC Division of Compliance

The Division of Compliance monitors compliance of tribal gaming operations in accordance with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act by working closely with the more than 5,000 tribal regulators. The division includes eight regional offices comprised of compliance and audit staff.

Compliance is monitored through tracking, training, audit, site-visits, observation and reporting in conjunction with established relationships with our fellow regulatory partners. The division develops training materials, provides technical assistance and training, conducts site visits, performs investigations, conducts required ordinance audits, compiles yearly Gross Gaming Revenues from submitted audited financials, reviews Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) audits and performs Internal Control Assessments (ICA) for tribes.  The Compliance Division also works with other NIGC Divisions, the Office of General Counsel, and the Chair when enforcement is required under IGRA.

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