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NIGC IA Boot Camp 3/17 & 3/18 2021
National Virtual Training Conference 
Truckers Against Trafficking Webinar 
NIGC Resource Briefing
NIGC CJIS Symposium
National Virtual Training Conference (2) | 4/20/21- 4/22/21
IT Boot Camp | 5/18/21-5/19/21
Background & Licensing Boot Camp | 9/14/21- 9/15/21
National Virtual Training Conference | 10/19/2021 -10/20/2021
NIGC IA Boot Camp 3/ 15 & 3/16 2022
National Virtual Training Conference (3) | 4/6/2022-4/7/2022
Management Contracts & Background Investigations | 7/7/2022
National Training Conference | 6/15/2022- 6/16/2022

NIGC Monthly Training 

January 2021 - Promotions Fraud
February 2021 - Digital Wallets
March 2021 - Preparedness
April 2021 - Sports Betting
May 2021 - CJIS Panel on Job Aid & Outsourcing Agreements
June 2021 - Small & Charitable Gaming
July 2021 - Ransomware
July 2021 - EPHS Panel / 559 Refresher
August 2021 - Sportsbook 2.0
September 2021 - Auditing  Revenue
November 2021 - Case Study Kickapoo Gaming Commission License Revocation
December 2021 - 2021 CJIS Recap

January 2022 - How to Read Financial Reports
February 2022 - Active Shooter / Targeted Violence Case Study
March 2022 - Critical Events Response and Preparedness - Cyber Attacks
April 2022 - National Virtual Training Conference
May 2022 - CHRI and MOU
July 2022 - Understanding Your Slot Reports
August 2022 - Workplace Safety Discussion with OSHA
August 2022 - National Training Conference
September 2022 - NTTM: Use of Net Gaming Revenue Bulletin 2022-4

Vital Voices Videos

Vital Voices:
Reflections and History of Native American Art
November 29, 2021
NIGC's Vital Voices:
Tribal Leaders' Perspective on Indian Gaming's Response to COVID-19
February 9, 2021

Human Trafficking Resource Videos

NIGC Training | Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT)
November 18, 2020
The National Indian Gaming Commission with featured guest Truckers Against Trafficking held a 1 hr long virtual seminar on Human Trafficking informing tribal casinos of their role in helping to combat this heinous crime.
NIGC Awareness Training | National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) Recording
September 5, 2019
The National Indian Gaming Commission Vice-Chair Kathryn Isom-Clause hosted a webinar with guests Alan Nanavaty and Meagan Notari of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). This video is the recording from the live session connecting tribes with information and resources that will help equip them to stop or prevent human trafficking in their communities.
NIGC Webinar | Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking Unit & Indian Country
May 29, 2019
The National Indian Gaming Commission Vice-Chair Kathryn Isom-Clause hosted our first live webinar series on human trafficking in Indian Country as it relates to tribal casinos with guests supervisory special agents Amy Ferron and Briana Grant of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Investigative Division.

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