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NIGC Division of Finance

NIGC Division of Finance

The Division of Finance handles the Commission’s fiscal and budgetary matters and supports the agency’s day-to-day accounting and financial activities. The division performs the tasks as part of NIGC’s statutory and regulatory duties and is also responsible for the accounting and financial functions as listed below.

The Division of Finance:

  • Calculates fee rates and collects fees for Class II and Class III gaming;
  • Conducts management contract review and background investigation for third-party contractors that are managing gaming operations;
  • Processes fingerprint and background investigations payments;
  • Prepares annual budget and financial reports;
  • Prepares annual Gross Gaming Revenue information release; and
  • Supports the agency’s charge card, reimbursement, accounts payable, and procurement activities.

Division of Finance key contacts:

Yvonne Lee, Chief Financial Officer

Jon Duran, Background Investigations Manager

Wei Zhong, Accounting Manager

Changudra Smith, Financial Services Manager

Fee Questions: