Chairman Simermeyer Continues to Discuss Recent Bulletin as Part of his Keynote Address

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Chairman Simermeyer Continues to Discuss Recent Bulletin as Part of his Keynote Address

WASHINGTON, D.C., Wednesday, June 29, 2022 –Today the Chairman discussed the NIGC’s most recent bulletin update as part of his keynote address to tribal gaming regulators, California state law enforcement officials, and federal regulators and prosecutors. 

The NIGC issued Bulletin 2022-4 entitled Use of Net Gaming Revenues on June 23, 2022. The Bulletin updates past guidance on the several broad categories for permissible tribal expenditures of gaming revenues.  

Tribal governments determine the appropriate uses of net gaming revenues consistent with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act’s designated categories. Tribal governments, in general, have committed gaming revenues for a wider variety of uses within those categories. The bulletin lists a number of examples, such as funding education, health care, police and fire protection, water and sewer services, and elderly and child care.

The Bulletin underscores IGRA’s requirement that per capita distributions must be made pursuant to a Revenue Allocation Plan and are subject to Federal taxation. This section was also updated to include a footnote to discuss the Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act and its inapplicability to per capita payments.

The Bulletin’s development included assistance from the Internal Revenue Service in developing the General Welfare Exclusion Act discussion, and it references the Internal Revenue Service guidance and points of contact within the Internal Revenue Service.  The Chairman’s presentation was made to a conference hosted by the San Manuel Tribal Nation. He used the recent Bulletin publication to underscore the NIGC's commitment to partner with other federal offices in order to clearly communicate policies with implications for building a culture of compliance within the Indian gaming regulatory community.  A summary of the Chairman’s presentation can be found HERE.


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