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10/26/1993 No. 1993-6 Commission Enjoined in Cabazon Case Cabazon Decision

Commission Enjoined in Cabazon Case

Date: October 26, 1993


Subject: Commission Enjoined in Cabazon Case

On September 23, 1993, the District of Columbia Circuit enjoined the federal government from interfering with the use and operation by eight tribes of video pull tab gaming devices pending their appeal of Judge Lambreth's order in Cabazon Band of Mission Indians v. National Indian Gaming Commission. A copy of the court of appeals' order is enclosed for your information.

With National Indian Gaming Commission bulletin No. 93-4, the Commission provided each tribe a copy of the district court's decision.

The injunction applies only to the eight tribes who are parties to this litigation -- the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, the Rumsey Rancheria, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, the Pueblo of Isleta, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, the Spokane Tribe, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma -- and only to the use by those eight tribes of video pull-tab devices.