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10/26/1993 No. 1993-7 Application Forms - Key Employees and Primary Management Officials

Application Forms - Key Employees and Primary Management Officials

Date: October 26, 1993


Subject: Application Forms - Key Employees and Primary Management Officials

Commission regulations require a tribe to obtain certain information from key employees and primary management officials and furnish that information to the Commission. Some tribes have inquired about forms for this purpose.

Attached is a form prepared by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community to be completed by applicants for key employee and primary management official positions in its gaming operation[s]. This form requests most of the background information required under §556.4 of the Commission's Ordinance regulations. The Shakopee Mdewankanton Sioux have authorized the Commission to circulate this form to all gaming tribes to use on a voluntary basis.

Please note that in adapting the form for use by your tribe it will be necessary to designate the investigative purpose and the appropriate regulatory authority on the certification and authorization statement on page 5. In addition, the form should be modified to include a request for the residence addresses of the applicant for the last 5 years or, as the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux are doing, the applicant should be instructed to provide this information in Section Two, Part A of the form.

It is also important to note that the provisions of §556.4 establish minimum standards for background investigation information. Your tribe may impose whatever additional requirements it determines to be necessary to perform an adequate background investigation.

Please also note that the attached application contains the Privacy Act Notice required under §556.2 of the regulations. All application forms for key employees and primary management officials are required to contain such a Notice. If an applicant has previously completed an application form which omitted a Privacy Act Notice, they are required to fill out a new application containing the Notice or sign a statement that contains a Privacy Act Notice (see §556.2(b)).