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Chairman’s Four Emphasis Areas

The Commission is promoting four emphasis areas in the agency’s work commitment to assist in being more engaged and accountable to the Indian gaming industry and Indian Country.

Industry Integrity    Protecting the valuable tool of Indian gaming that in many communities creates jobs, is the lifeblood for tribal programs, and creates opportunities for tribes to explore and strengthen relationships with neighboring jurisdictions.
Agency Accountability   Meeting the public’s expectation for administrative processes that uphold good governance practices and support efficient and effective decision making to protect tribal assets.
Preparedness   Promoting tribes’ capacity to plan for risks to tribal gaming assets including natural disaster threats, the need to modernize and enhance regulatory and gaming operation workforces, or public health and safety emergencies.
Outreach   Cultivating opportunities for outreach to ensure well-informed Indian gaming policy development through diverse relationships, accessible resources, and government-to-government consultation.

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