CJIS Audit Unit (CAU)

(L-R, Amber McDonald, CJIS Auditor, Steve Steiner, Deputy CJIS Systems Officer, Tamitra McClain, CJIS Auditor, and 
Derek Holbert, CJIS Auditor)

Welcome! The CAU program oversees the implementation of the NIGC’s external and internal compliance strategies to achieve and demonstrate compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and NIGC concerning Noncriminal Justice Fingerprint Submissions.  CAU audit staff deliver training, technical assistance and conduct selective audits/investigations of those tribes with an executed, suspended, or terminated MOU with the NIGC regarding Criminal History Record Information (CHRI).

The CAU can be reached by email: cau@nigc.gov

Memorandum of Understanding MOU:

This MOU memorializes the NIGC’s and the TGRA’s understandings and responsibilities regarding the submission of noncriminal justice fingerprints and the transmittal, receipt, storage, use, and dissemination of CJI and CHRI.

Security Awareness Training (SAT) and LASO Training Information:

All users with authorized access to CJI should be made aware of their individual responsibilities and expected behavior when accessing CJI and the systems which process CJI.

Outsourcing Agreement Resources:

Prior to engaging in outsourcing any noncriminal justice administrative functions with a Contractor, an Authorized Recipient (Tribe/TGRA) must request and receive written permission from the FBI Compact Officer.


CJIS Security Policy (CSP) Sample Checklists:

The CSP policy areas focus upon the data and services that the FBI CJIS Division exchanges and provides to the criminal justice community and its partners. Each policy area provides both strategic reasoning and tactical implementation requirements and standards.

These sample checklists are audit tools that Tribes can use to self-assess compliance with the CSP.

Sample Forms and Policies:

Helpful Resources: