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The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) created three classes of gaming, set forth at 25 U.S.C. § 2703.  If the requirements of IGRA and NIGC regulations are met, Class II gaming may be conducted by a tribe if it is located within a state that permits such gaming for any purpose by any person, organization or entity and such gaming is not otherwise specifically prohibited on Indian lands by Federal law.  25 U.S.C. § 2710(b)(1)(A). In addition to meeting IGRA and NIGC requirements, tribes offering Class III gaming must have a valid Tribal-state compact approved by the Secretary of the Interior.  Below are the advisory opinions issued by the NIGC’s Office of General Counsel on whether certain games fall within the definition of Class II or Class III games.

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TitleSorted By Title In Ascending OrderClass II/IIIBingoCard GamesCard Games StatePull TabsInternet GamingOtherDate Issued

8 Draw Kinko

IIINoNo NoNoYes5/11/2004

Action Jack

IINoYes NoNoNo9/4/1996

Apache 21


Arizona Poker


Asian Bingo


Bingo Nation

IIYesNo NoNoNo6/27/2014

Blackjack Advisory Opinion

BothNoYes NoNoNo1/15/2003

Blackjack Tournament

IIINoNo NoNoNo6/10/2003

Break the Bank

IIINoNo YesNoNo5/31/2001

Cadillac Jack Triple Threat Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo12/23/2004

Cashpot Instant Scratch-Off Game

IINoNo YesNoYes9/14/1992

Casino Gateway Network

IINoNo NoNoNo9/24/2009

Challenger 9

IIINoNo NoNoYes6/18/1999

Cherokee Blackjack Tournament


Cheyenne & Arapaho Card Tournament


Citizen Potawatomi BJ Tournament


Classic II Pull-Tab System

IIINoNo YesNoNo6/4/2004

Classification of Banking Card Games in California

IINoYes NoNoNo6/6/1995

Coeur d'Alene National Indian Lottery

IIINoNo NoYesYes6/22/1999

Comanche BJ Tournament


Crazy Reels

IIINoNo NoNoYes4/7/1999

Cyberdyne Video

IIINoNo YesNoNo10/10/1997

Dice Games

IIINoNo NoNoNo3/23/1995

Digideal Digital Card System


Digideal Digital Card System

IINoYesFL, WA, IDNoNoNo12/17/2009

Double Hand High-Low


Dream Card


Eastern Shawnee BJ Tournament


Electronic Game Card

IINoNo YesNoNo6/24/2005

Evergreen Bingo

IIIYesNo NoNoNo11/2/1999

Fast Track Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo9/3/2009

Hand Rolle

IIINoNo NoNoNo8/16/2001

Instant Scratch Off Tickets

IINoNo YesNoYes5/23/1994

Interblock Gaming Machines

IIINoNo NoNoNo6/6/2003

Interblock Roulette and Dice Games

IIINoNo NoNoNo5/5/2005

Jack Attack

IINoNo NoNoNo3/28/1996

Jack Attack (In Montana)

IIINoNo NoNoNo3/12/2009

K 21 Blackjack



IIINoNo NoNoNo5/18/2005

Kickapoo BJ Tournament


King Dobber Bingo

IIIYesNo NoNoNo3/11/1998

Lac Vieux Desert Internet Bingo

IIIYesNo NoYesNo10/26/2000


IIINoNo NoNoYes8/21/2002

Little Traverse Bay Band Card Games


Lotrec I and II

IIINoYes NoNoNo1/21/2004

Lucky Lotto

IIINoNo NoNoYes4/22/2005

Lucky Tab II

IINoNo YesNoNo3/21/2001

Magical Irish Instant Bingo Dispenser and Verifier System

IIINoNo YesNoNo2/29/2000

Maverick 21

IINoNo NoNoNo3/28/1996

Mega Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo7/26/1995

Megamania System

IIYesNo NoNoNo3/28/1997

Megamania System

IIYesNo NoNoNo7/10/1996

Megamania System

IIYesNo NoNoNo4/9/1997

Megamania System

IIYesNo NoNoNo7/23/1997

Megananza Series

IIINoNo NoNoYes4/15/2002

Mystery Bingo

IIIYesNo NoNoNo5/7/2004

Mystery Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo9/26/2003

Mystery Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo4/2/2004

Mystery Bingo

IIIYesNo NoNoNo5/26/2004

National Indian Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo11/14/2000

National Indian Bingo

IIIYesNo NoNoNo8/9/1999

National Indian Lottery

IIINoNo NoYesYes6/22/1999

Non-banked Poker


Non-banked Poker


NOVA Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo4/4/2005

NOVA Bingo System

IIYesNo NoNoNo8/25/2005

NOVA Bingo System

IIYesNo NoNoNo10/18/2005

NOVA Bingo System

IIYesNo NoNoNo8/18/2006

Oasis Electronic Pull-Tab Network

IIINoNo YesNoNo2/10/1994

Oasis Electronic Pull-Tab Network

IIINoNo YesNoNo5/25/1993

Pachinko Machines

IIINoNo NoNoYes5/5/2005

Pai Gow, Pai Gow Poker, Pan 9 (Non-Banked)


Phone Card Sweepstakes Machines

IIINoNo NoNoYes10/17/2003

Play Away Pull-Tab

IINoNo YesNoNo8/24/2006

Play Pull-Tab

IIINoNo YesNoNo3/30/1999

Play Pull-Tab

IIINoNo YesNoNo11/2/1999

Play Pull-Tab

IIINoNo YesNoNo9/26/2000

Play Pull-Tab White Earth Tribe

IINoNo YesNoNo11/14/1994

Player Pooled Blackjack


Player Pooled Blackjack at Northern Winz Casino


Poker Club


Poker Room



IIINoNo NoNoYes8/11/1999

Pot of Gold

IIINoNo NoNoYes7/1/1999

Promo Extra Match Bonus Series System

IIINoNo NoNoYes3/16/1999

Quarter Draw Football

BothYesNo NoNoNo9/3/2009

Quick Shot Bingo

IIINoNo NoNoYes9/19/2002


IIINoNo NoNoNo9/10/1999

Reel Time Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo9/23/2003

Reel Time Bingo Version 2.0

IIYesNo NoNoNo1/7/2004

Reel Touch Bingo 1.4a

IINoYes NoNoNo7/15/2005

Reels of Skill

IIINoNo NoNoYes1/9/1998

Rocket Ante Up

IIYesNo NoNoNo8/1/1997

Rocket Bingo Classics

IIYesNo NoNoNo7/22/1997

Rocket FastPlay

IIYesNo NoNoNo10/18/2004

Seminole Opinion

 NoNo NoNoYes2/1/2013

Seven Suns Poker

IIINoYes NoNoNo8/11/1999

Shake-a-day Game

IIINoNo NoNoYes5/24/2007

Shoalwater Bay Blackjack Games


Shooter Bingo

IIINoNo NoNoYes3/20/1995

Shooter Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo8/3/1994

Tab Force Instant Pull-Tab Validation System

IINoNo YesNoNo6/8/1998

Tele Bingo

IIINoNo NoYesYes7/21/1999

Tournament Blackjack


Trips or Better Poker


Ultimate Winner's Blackjack Tournament

IINoYes NoNoNo8/14/2003

Unreal Slots

IIINoYes NoNoNo8/11/1999

U-PIK-EM Bingo

IIINoYes NoYesNo6/9/2000

VGT Bingo

IIIYesNo NoNoNo11/5/2002

Wild Ball Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo3/22/2001

Wild Ball Bingo

IIYesNo NoNoNo11/12/1996

Wildfire Pull-Tab Dispenser System

IIINoNo YesNoNo6/7/1994

WIN Sports Betting

IIINoNo NoYesYes3/13/2001

WhoopAss Poker (poker version)

IINoYes NoNoNo8/6/2012

WhoopAss Poker (table version)

IIINoYes NoNoNo8/6/2012
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