Electronic Reading Room


In 1996 Congress amended the FOIA (E-FOIA) to include, among other things, a fourth category of reading room records, which is records processed under the FOIA that the agency deems the subject of multiple requests, and the creation of electronic reading rooms.


Electronic reading rooms consists of documents created after November 1, 1996, that fall under one of the four categories of reading room records:  (1) final opinions and orders rendered in adjudication of administrative cases; (2) specific agency policy statements; (3) certain administrative staff manuals that affect a member of the public; and (4) documents that are the subject of multiple FOIA requests.


The following is a listing of documents available electronically in the reading room located on the main menu of the NIGC Website:


            Enforcement Actions

Game Classification Opinions

Indian Land Determinations


            Management contracts


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