Press Releases 2007
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TitleDateSorted By Date In Descending OrderRelease
NIGC Approves Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi Management Contract12/17/2007PR-80 12-2007
NIGC Extends Public Comment Period for Proposed Class II Regulations11/13/2007PR-79 11-2007
NIGC Performance and Accountability Report Available11/8/2007PR-78 11-2007
NIGC Publishes Class II Regulations10/24/2007PR-77 10-2007
NIGC to Publish Training Catalogue10/23/2007PR-76 10-2007
NIGC to Publish Facility License Regulations 10/18/2007PR-75 10-2007
Commissioner Cloyce “Chuck” Choney to Retire10/3/2007PR-74 10-2007
NIGC and Nisqually Tribe Sign Settlement Agreement8/21/2007PR-72-08-2007
NIGC Settles Action Against Marcus Dunn and Companies8/21/2007PR-73 08-2007
NIGC Taps Security Director at Turning Stone to be Enforcement Director7/23/2007PR-68 12-2007
NIGC Chairman Hogen Testifies before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs6/28/2007PR-68 11-2007
NIGC Announces Changes to MICS Advisory Committee6/5/2007PR-63 08-2007
NIGC Announces 2006 Indian Gaming Revenues6/4/2007PR-63 07-2007
NIGC Participates in Identification of Wide-Spread Cheating Scam5/24/2007PR-67 10-2007
NIGC Chairman Approves Cheyenne and Arapaho Contract Extension5/18/2007PR-66 09-2007
NIGC Expands Time for Tribal Leader to Comment5/16/2007PR-65 08-2007
NIGC Expands Comment Period for Graton Racheria Project5/11/2007PR-64 07-2007
NIGC To Update Regulations3/28/2007PR-63 06-2007
NIGC to Provide Guidance on Server Based Games3/23/2007PR-62 05-2007
NIGC Recommends Specifications for Surveillance3/22/2007PR-61 04-2007
Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne Swears In DesRosiers3/15/2007PR-60 03-2007
NIGC Announces Preliminary Fee Rate for 20072/26/2007PR-59 02-2007
NIGC Announces Intention to Withdraw and Republish Class II Regulations2/9/2007PR-58 02-2007
Oglala Tribal Leadership meets with NIGC2/8/2007PR-57 02-2007
NIGC Adds Public Safety Component to Website2/7/2007PR-56 02-2007
NIGC Meet Class II Advisory Committee1/25/2007PR-55 01-2007
NIGC Enters Settlement Agreement with Individually Owned Gaming Facility on Puyallup Reservation1/24/2007PR-54 01-2007
NIGC Issues Notice of Violation for Failure to Submit Report1/10/2007PR-53 01-2007
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