2006 Press Releases
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NIGC Extends Public Comment Period for Proposed Class II Technical Regulations12/14/2006PR-52 12-2006
Secretary of Interior Kempthorne Appoints Norm DesRosiers to NIGC12/5/2006PR-51 12-2006
NIGC Extends Public Comment Period for Class II Regulations12/4/2006PR-50 12-2006
NIGC and Swinomish Sign Settlement Agreement11/28/2006PR-49 11-2006
NIGC Releases Economic Impact Document11/6/2006PR-48 11-2006
NIGC and Puyallup Tribe Reach Settlement Regarding Per Capita Payments10/13/2006PR-47 10-2006
NIGC Considers Public Comments9/25/2006PR-46 09-2006
NIGC Announces Speakers for Upcoming Public Session 9/14/2006PR-44 09-2006
Commission upholds $2.3 million fine for managing without a contract9/13/2006PR-45 09-2006
NIGC Chairman comments on indictments8/30/2006PR-42 08-2006
NIGC Website Undergoing Changes8/28/2006PR-41 08-2006
NIGC Welcomes New Director of Administration8/28/2006PR-40 08-2006
NIGC Holds Plenary Session on Class II Regulations8/3/2006PR-39 08-2006
NIGC Issues Notice of Violation on several Tribes7/21/2006PR-38 07-2006
NIGC Announces Indian Gaming Revenue for 2005 7/11/2006PR-43 09-2006
NIGC Signs Agreement with Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma7/10/2006PR-37 07-2006
NIGC Issues NOV to the Puyallup Tribe of Indians Regarding Tribe’s Per Capita Payments6/12/2006PR-36 06-2006
NIGC Approves Hopland Band of Pomo Indians Management Contract6/7/2006PR-34 06-2006
NIGC Approves Kickapoo Management Contract6/7/2006PR-35 06-2006
NIGC Announces Government-to-Government Consultation6/6/2006PR-33A 06-2006
NIGC Publishes Class II Regulations5/25/2006PR-33 05-2006
NIGC Chairman Hogen Testifies before the House Resources Committee5/11/2006PR-32 05-2006
NIGC Approves Contract for the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma4/28/2006PR-31 04-2006
NIGC Announces 2006 Preliminary Fee Rate2/14/2006PR-30 02-2006
Indian Gaming Working Group Training in Portland, Oregon1/26/2006PR-29 01-2006
NIGC Pre-Opeing Agreement with Apache Tribe of Oklahoma1/24/2006PR-28 01-2006
NIGC Issues Notice of Violation1/19/2006PR-27 01-2006
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